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Secovi-SP, home to the Brazilian real estate industry

Since 1946, the São Paulo State Housing Syndicate (Secovi-SP) has been recognized as the home to the Brazilian real estate industry. The Syndicate houses several key operating sectors of the real estate production and service chain in Brazil, such as construction development companies, shopping malls, hotel enterprises, condominiums as well as real estate marketing and management, property rent, lease and sale, urban development and land planning.

Acknowledged as one of the most dynamic and renowned employer syndicates in the country, Secovi-SP represents the leading names in São Paulo State's real estate industry. These are developers and professionals who dedicate a precious part of their time to promoting better performance of realty activities on a sustainable basis through advocating public policies that meet the needs of the population for affordable housing.

Secovi-SP is also the gateway to foreign real estate companies willing to forge strategic partnerships to underpin their business in Brazil and abroad. This opens windows of opportunities for the exchange of real estate services and operations on an international level. Furthermore, the Syndicate acts as a hub and disseminator of real estate knowledge stemming from its myriad of industry publications, events, training courses and other initiatives focused on education and improvement, such as the Secovi University - the first higher education school for real estate professionals in Brazil.

Members of Secovi-SP are at the forefront of their market segment and the realty market itself as they participate directly in decisions that shape the future of the real estate industry in Brazil.

No matter what you want to know about the Brazilian real estate sector, Secovi-SP gives you the ideal forum to advance your knowledge base.

Secovi-SP - making history in real estate

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